Based upon an idea from member Reds Broadhead, we have formed a Native Azalea Study Group. Such a group is not unique. The Massachusetts Chapter, ARS formed a [Rhododendron] Species Study Group in the early 1980s. The Middle Atlantic Chapter, ARS also has had their Species Study Group for many years. Our modus operandi, however, may be different from those other study groups. Our intent is to identify and conduct individual discrete projects related to native azaleas and publish the results on our web site. Membership in the study group is not limited to Azalea Chapter members. Our goal is to further knowledge in American azaleas. The concept paper is listed below. As activities take place and project documents are produced, information will be posted here. To participate or learn more about the study group, contact our chairman.

Concept Paper
Meeting Minutes - November 2013
Notes - November 2013